Catch 22 Salon

Haircuts for Men in Ballantyne



Signature Cut
The best haircut for the individual. There are no guards or shortcuts here. Complete with a straight shave on the back of the neck and scalp massage with hot towels.

Quick Cut
The same great haircut, with no frills. Best for those guys that are in a little more of a hurry.

Child cut
There is no reason for you sons to have bad hair. They can have the same custom haircut as their dads.

Teen Cut
As your boys grow to men they need a little more attention and a little more style.

Shape Up
For in between your haircuts to clean you back up. 

Scalp Massage
For that day that you are extra stressed, you can come and have your worries melted away. 

Color Camo 
Hair color that takes just a few years off. Blend back the grey without covering it completely for the more natural look.

Full Coverage Color
No more grey left in that hair.